How Do I Eliminate Quicken Error Cc-508?

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How Do I Eliminate Quicken Error Cc-508?

You may experience Quicken Error Cc-508 when you attempt downloading transaction details directly from your bank to Quicken. It is not a major problem so don’t feel bad as it can be eliminated in a very short period. What you actually have to perform is:
·       Update Quicken to the current release.
·       If this doesn’t work, then refresh your bank account details.
·       You are always advised to delete temporary internet files if any is saved.
·       In the end, you should also deactivate and reactivate your Quicken account as this works for many common problems.
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Re: How Do I Eliminate Quicken Error Cc-508?

Solution 1: Update Quicken to the latest release
Firstly, you have to open Quicken.
Next, go to Help and then Check for Updates.
Update Quicken if you see any notifications about the latest release.
Now, click on Yes to install the updates.
Solution 2: Refresh your online account details
Firstly, go to Account through the account bar.
Now, click on the gear icon and select Update Now (Ctrl+Alt+U).
A new screen will appear where you have to enter your bank password and then click on Update Now.
Follow the same process for the accounts which are not updated.
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Solution 3: Deactivate/Reactivate Quicken Account
First of all, go to Tools and then Account List (Ctrl+A).
Now click on Edit for the account having Quicken Error Code CC-508.
Choose Online Services tab and click on Deactivate > Yes.
Lastly, click on Ok and Done.
To reactivate the account, follow the steps given below:

Go to Tools and then select Account List (Ctrl+A).
Click Edit on the account facing Error Code CC-508.
Next, select the Online Services tab and then click on Set up now.
Enter your bank login credentials.
You have to Save Password and click on Connect.
Finally, click on Next and Finish.