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HP Not Printing

HP Printer is not printing is a common problem for HP printer user. This problem happens from various reasons, from connectivity problem or faulty configuration or drivers. If you are not able to fix the issue you can give the methods as follows a try. You can perform below steps to fix the problem.
• Update printer driver
• Perform basin troubleshooting
• Set your printer default
• Cancel all print jobs
• Check printer status
If you have still any query or having issue the contact with HP Help number for better assistant. Follow us on https://www.hphelp.us/
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Re: HP Not Printing

If you want a useful answer, the question needs to be much more specific. What kind of HP printer? What is it connected to: Apple Mac, PC, wired network, wireless network? What is having trouble printing: PC, Mac, Unix workstation, Android phone, iPhone? What error messages or lights are on? Is this a new install that has never worked, or did it just stop working?

Without those details, this will be a list of things to check. Some will seem stupid and obvious, but they have all happened.

Is the printer plugged in and turned on? There should be a green light or control panel message to show that it is on.
If the printer is hooked up by cable to a computer, make sure that is plugged in on both ends. Make sure the computer started up OK without error messages.
Check the network address of the printer if it is hooked up by network cable. The address of the printer needs to match the computer setup in the driver. If the router has been rebooted or changed, the printer address might have changed.
Check for any error messages on the printer control panel or on the printer driver message area (often in the lower right corner of the computer screen).
Check to make sure the ink cartridges or toner cartridges are installed correctly.
Make sure the paper tray has paper in it. Make sure the size matches the job you are trying to print.
Make sure the printer driver is installed correctly, and is the right version for your computer. With more information on the printer and the computer, this step might be more specific, but there are too many combinations to go through without more details on the situation.
The application you are printing from might have more information. Does it have the right printer selected? Does it say the printer is Ready? Does it give any reason the printer is not ready to print?
That gives you a start on the basic problems that come up. If that doesn't fix it, ask again, or reply back with answers to the questions above. Also list what you already tried, and what the results where from those efforts.